We understand that the privacy of your information is important to you, and we are committed to being transparent about how we use, share, and protect your information. To help further our commitment, we have developed this Privacy Statement to help you better understand the types of information we collect, why we collect it, how we will use it, and the various options you have to manage the privacy of your personal information.

This Privacy Statement describes our privacy practices for information we collect from or about individuals who contact us or participants on our ESF funded Project

In addition, please note that this Privacy Statement only applies where we process personal information about you as a data controller. It does not apply to Services where we process personal information as a data processor on behalf of a controller. When we are a processor, the privacy statement of the relevant controller on whose behalf we process will apply.

This Privacy Statement includes some important information, please take the time to read the entire Privacy Statement. Of course, if you have any questions please reach out to us.

Data to be Shared

The data to be shared varies depending on the individual request and the subsequent assessment report or training needs, but in all cases will involve personal/sensitive information. It will be shared by the ESF Funders and Access to Work Adviser with the disabled client and their employer as the latter

Information provided will be restricted to that required for the purpose of the assessment report or training needs. Information will include:

  • client name;
  • client date of birth;
  • client address;
  • client NI number
  • client examinations attained
  • client contact number both at home and work;
  • client employer name, address and contact number;
  • client job title and job duties;
  • client diagnosis/disability;
  • effects of client’s disability in work;
  • reason for referral for an occupational therapy assessment; and
  • name of client’s doctor/consultant

Information use

Parties to this agreement, namely DES, ESF Funders and Access Centre NI Limited, will ensure the information shared under the agreement will only be used for the specific purposes.

Requests for information

All Subject Access Requests or Freedom of Information requests received by either party will be handled in accordance with their respective procedures and statutory requirements.

Access Centre NI will ensure

  • It uses the Secure Data Transfer Protocol;
  • Adhere to DfE Information Management Policies including those or retention and disposal;
  • adhere to DEL Information Management Policies including those of retention and disposal;
  • ensure that appropriate NICS Government security classifications are used in all correspondence;
  • ensure that authorised personnel have received the required and up to date Data protection training;
  • include a Data Protection objective in authorised personnel’s Personal performance Agreements;


Access Centre NI Limited and will take appropriate technical and organisational measures against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss to, destruction of, or damage to personal data. These are detailed below:

All client personal data in electronic form will be transmitted between the parties using he Secure File Transfer Process. Only authorised staff in Access Centre NI will have access to client personal information.

All physical documents will be correctly stored in appropriate lockable cabinets with access restricted only to authorised personnel within Access Centre NI Limited.

The staff of Access Centre NI Limited will employ effective and appropriate security procedures for the transfer and storage of data. This will include procedures for the retention and destruction of data that will be fully compliant with the Data Protection Act guidelines.